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pain therapy
Medikamente der Schmerztherapie


Pain relief due to tailored pharmacological therapy with drugs well-suited to relieve your pain.

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gesetzte Akupunkturnadeln


Body and ear acupuncture (as well as laser acupuncture) are frequently used in my practice.

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Repuls® Therapy

Repuls® Therapy works by emitting cold pulsed red light using the most modern LED technology and can be used by different pain syndromes.

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TENS Pads und TENS Leihgerät


Electrotherapy is frequently used for all kind of pain syndromes especially for those restricting your mobility. You can use this device independent at home.

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Infiltrationen unterbinden die Weiterleitung der Schmerzinformation


Infiltration - allows the fast pain relief by injection of special drugs at the site of the pain.

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Laser therapy

This therapy is suitable for patients who cannot be treated with acupuncture needles.

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Magnetfeldtherapiematte und Gerät

Magnetic field therapy

This therapy can be frequently used to treat several types of pain - also independently at home.

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Nervenblockade OP im AKH Wien

Nerve blocks

Most invasive blocking procedures are performed in a hospital setting. I offer detailed advice on the procedure.

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