Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation - TENS

When a TENS therapy is indicated, you will receive a small and practical rental device for electrotherapy which you can use at home, conveniently and without side effects.

Therapy of the back pain with the TENS device

Beneficial effects

The TENS unit works by delivering impulses through battery-operated stimulators. Most often in pain therapy, the conventional stimulation settings feature a low intensity (5 to 10 mA) and a constant frequency of 100 Hz.

The patient feels paresthesia (tingling, prickling sensations) where the electrodes are attached to the skin or in the area of innervation, but does not experience muscle contractions or sensations of pain.

The positioning of the electrodes is determined by the localization and segmental radiation of pain, the course of the affected nerves and the location of trigger and acupuncture points.

TENS is a highly effective and economical method which is featured in a broad range of pain therapy treatments.